Audiozen unveils Yin and Yang mono energy amps with quirky ‘enjoyment meter’

Nothing can wholly be Yin or Yang, can it? The Historic Chinese language idea of dualism, interconnectedness and interdependency tells us this – one drive wants the opposite as a way to facilitate it, outline it and, finally, full it. 

Italian high-end audio producer Audiozen has taken this idea and used it because the inspiration for its new Yin and Yang mono energy amplifiers. Audiozen says it has designed every one with its personal id, and that understanding this premise is a should as a way to comprehend their distinctive technical traits and options. These monophonic amplifiers, says Audiozen, are “born as opposites and on the similar time complementary, as a result of one wants the opposite to amplify the 2 stereo channels”. 

Audiozen's Yang power amp

(Picture credit score: Audiozen)

Want some tangible specs? Us too.

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